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play-video-smallPlay the “Shopping Cart Introduction” Video 12:48
This video tells you how a good shopping cart system makes you more money and how it also saves you money.
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play-video-small“Make Money Referring the Cart”
These videos show you how to make money referring the shopping cart even if you don’t have the cart yourself. This is perfect for webmasters or others who aren’t ready to use the cart themselves, but would like to make some money recommending the cart. These videos also teach you how to get yourself into the position where you couldn’t stop money coming to you if you tried.
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play-video-smallPlay the “Multiple Website” Video 2:35
This video shows examples of how you can run an unlimited amount of websites through one KickStartCart account.
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play-video-smallPlay the “Upselling” Video 4:39
This video shows how you can make 30-50 percent more money just by offering other products when your customer checks out.
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play-video-smallPlay the “Autoresponder” Video 2:46
This video shows you the autoresponder function of KickStartCart and how you can use it to do customer followup, ecourses and after the sale upsells.
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play-video-smallPlay the “Recurring Billing” Video
This video shows you the extreme power of being able to regularly and automatically charge someone’s credit card.
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play-video-smallPlay the “Broadcast Email and Newsletter” Video
This video shows you how easy it is to personalize an email broadcast and send it to any specific group of people.
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play-video-smallPlay the AdTracking, Conversion Tracking and Coupon” Video 12:35
This video shows you the importance of knowing which of your promotions are making money and which are losing money. It also shows you how to test various sales letters to see which ones are making the most money.
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play-video-smallCustom Forms
This video shows you how easy it is to create signup forms so you can giveaway free downloads or free e-courses while capturing the contact information of those that signed up.
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Below is a listing of the many Internet revenue streams we use. You don’t have to do them all at once. Just pick one you like, get it profitable and then move on to another.

Direct sales of your products and services – This is an obvious one where you sell your stuff directly to a website visitor. You can see one of my basic catalogs of products at

Affiliate sales of your products and services – This is where other people refer your products and you pay them a commission if someone buys something.

Affiliate sales of other people’s products and services – This is the opposite of the above. In this case YOU recommend products and services that are sold and supplied by other people and THEY pay you a commission if someone you refer buys something.

Residual affiliate sales of other people’s products and servicesThis is really great! In this case you recommend a product or service which is used up and paid for again each month. Every time the person you referred buys the service again . . . you get paid.

This is also a good way to get a free membership to things. If you refer several people, the commissions you get pay for your membership. After only referring a few people, not only does it pay for your membership, but you start making money every month.

Another great example is (see the “Make Money Referring this Cart” video above) You can refer this cart and not even own it yourself (although that would be a mistake if you have an online business) You can make many thousands of dollars a month on this because once someone uses this cart they usually keep it forever which means lots of ongoing commissions for you.

Joint Venture Deals – You can team up with someone who has a large database of people and sell a product together . . . where you supply the product and the other person supplies the promotion. This is frequently combined with the two types of affiliate sales mentioned above.

Ebay Direct Sales – You can easily start selling on ebay. There are many tricks to the trade to increase sales, but you can start now and be earning money in only a few days.

Ebay Affiliate Sales – Did you know that ebay will give you money for referring people to them? All the person you refer has to do is register and make a bid within 30 days. They don’t even have to win the bid.

Advertising Revenue – Google Adsense program will pay you every time someone clicks on an ad they place on your site. There are many other programs like this, but Google’s is the best known.

Online Coaching and Mentoring – You can sell coaching and deliver much of the coaching online. The more contact you are willing to have with people, the more money you can charge. Check out my super high end Internet markeing mentor program at

and my 24 Week Intensive professional speaking mentor program at 

Webinars and TeleSeminars – You can sell webinars and telephone seminars to the public who is hungry for information. I only do telephone seminars because they are much less complex than webinars and everyone who has a telephone can easily participate. For a three hour training CD Kit to teach you how to make big money doing teleclasses click here

Membership sites – You can sign up members and use membership site software to collect the money each month automatically and also issue passwords and user IDs. When people join, you provide content in the site and their credit card is charged every month. Just think, only 100 members paying $20.00 month is $2000.00 per month in your pocket. Here are a couple of mine this one is a one year membership for only $97.00 and here’s another with a lifetime membership for only $297.00 

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